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Sadie & Callie

Whenever clients come back to us for training for a second and third time it's a great feeling. Back in 2021 a client came to us with a young Aussie named Sadie that was hyper reactive and fear aggressive towards people. She wouldn't go looking for conflict but if anyone got too close she would nip them. These behavioral issues typically stem from one of two main factors. Either the dog has low confidence in itself and has not had repeated successful interactions with people and new places, or the dog has low confidence in its owners ability to handle situations that require leadership on the owners side.

These factors often times coincide with each other. After several weeks of working with Sadie and her owner Sadie made a significant turn around in her behavior. The changes came about by teaching Sadie's owners how to handle Sadie in situations that typically triggered those behaviors in the past and by giving Sadie lots of successful repetitions in training practicing how to interact in these settings.

Fast forward to February of 2024 we got to follow up on Saddies progress and we got to meet her new friend Callie. We were happy to hear of all the wonderful things Saddie has been able to do since training with us. She spends a lot of time at the beach with her owners now taking walks. Callie's personality is drastically different than Saddies. Callie is a very friendly (a little too friendly at times),

energetic, bubbly spirit, that LOVES people.

Callie was a joy to work with. She's the kind of dog that is really down for anything and loved to work. Callie turned over quickly and her progesss was fun to watch. She struggled with pulling on leash bad and jumping on people. You can imagine how that situation would be stressful when her owners like to take walks at the beach with Sadie. During basic obedience training we taught Callie how to be successful. Callie loves people and affection. By teaching her that calm behavior gets her that affection, she now gets more of the good stuff that she wants.

We're happy to hear that Callie & Sadie have become best of friends. We wish them many sandy evenings and sunset filled skies.

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