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While we highly recommend starting training as early as possible it's absolutely never too late to begin training your dog. If your dog pulls you all over on leash, jumps on all your friends, has frustrating behaviors lingering from puppyhood, or whether your in need of some practical and basic obedience we can help. We also offer training in advanced obedience such as adventure training which is custom tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 





Are you in need of some unique training for your dog? If so we can help. From helping get your dog ready for your next camping adventure together, a mountain hike, or any other activity you love to do with your dog we've got you covered. If you have a unique situation reach out to us and see how we can help you.

Has your dogs behavior started to concern you? Have they started growling at you over furniture? Has their behavior become increasingly more aggressive and more difficult to handle? Are you afraid to have company over because of your dog? Are you scared to take your dog out in public because of their behavior? If so we can help. We provide behavior management and modification solutions and have a rock solid reputation for helping clients regain control over their lives.



The world we live in and the threats that are present in our society continue to grow and evolve ever day. Humanities oldest and most formidable form of personal protection is a well trained dog. We provide a range of protection training courses from foundational puppy work to advanced personal protection training. The lives of those you love most cannot be replaced. A loyal dog will fight by your side to protect them when it matters most.



Beginning your training journey while your dog is still a puppy is the BEST time to start training. Our puppy training programs are reinforcement based training programs that are fun, exciting, and packed with tons of exercises to help you and your dog learn together. We provide solutions for house breaking/potty training, stopping problem puppy behaviors such as nipping, and puppy obedience. 

PUPPY PROGRAMS (10 Weeks - 5 Months Old)


Bella public obedience test.
Golden retriever puppy sit & focus.
Kai down/stay command.
Max puppy sit & focus.
Max apprehension & bite hold.
Bella puppy sit & focus.
Aria public obedience test.
Behavior management success
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