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Kevin Salsbury's dog training career started during his time in the military where he served as military working dog handler in the United States Air Force. During his time as an explosive detection K-9 handler Kevin served under two separate presidential administrations providing detection support to the President of The United States as well as other high profile members of government. After separating active duty in 2019 Kevin continued following his passion for training dogs and started Liberation K-9 Training. Since 2019 Liberation K-9 Training has helped dog owners all over Eastern NC achieve the goals they've had for their dogs. It is our mission to help Liberate dogs and their owners by educating owners and teaching them how to truly communicate with their dogs. Our training facility is conveniently located in Sampson County just outside of the city of Clinton. 

MWD Max & Kevin.
MWD Max retirement ceremony.
Young GSD obedience training auto sit.
Kevin Active Duty Official K-9 Photo.
Bella sit & focus.
Aria sit & focus.
Behavior management success.
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