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Weekend Boarding Evaluation

  • 1 h
  • Liberation K-9 Training

Service Description

FOR DOGS & OWNERS INTERESTED IN BOARDING WITH US Low volume boarding where your dog gets to play in our training yard, exercise, go for walks on nature trails, and get positive social interactions with other dogs that have been evaluated by a professional trainer to ensure they have no behavioral problems. What’s the difference between home boarding as opposed to a boarding kennel facility? Well when you board your dog at a kennel facility the reality is they are penned up most of their stay in an indoor kennel/run type environment. For dogs with strong attachments to their owners and dogs that get to spend most of their time living their home life this can be an extremely stressful time. Shelter dogs that were abandoned or spent a lot of time in a shelter kennel may have feelings of abandonment again as a kennel facility and a shelter are very similar in a dogs mind. With our low volume boarding setup this means your dog spends their day in boarding hanging out with us and becoming a part of our pack. Playing, exercising, socializing, and relaxing all under the direct supervision of our professional trainers. This provides dogs a much more natural and relaxing experience while their owners are away. ALL dogs interested in boarding must be evaluated by our trainers for any behavioral problems prior to being approved to stay. If your dog does have behavioral problems that prevent them from interacting with other dogs we provide rehabilitation services. Space available is limited and evaluations must be conducted prior to scheduling your dogs boarding. Please contact directly at 910-460-0070 to get the process started or book here!

Contact Details

  • Liberation K-9 Training, Wynn Road, Clinton, NC, USA

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