Puppy Training

Our puppy training program is designed specifically for young puppies under the age of 5 months old.


Foundational Bite Training

Whether you're training for bite sports, home defense, or military/law enforcement applications good bite foundation built on positive engagement is absolutely essential. This program is designed for young working pups and younger dogs new to bite training.


Adult Dog Obedience

We offer traditional on leash basic obedience training as well as advanced off leash obedience training. 


Handler Defense

Does your job or daily activities take you to uncertain areas? We offer advanced training program/solutions to meet a wide variety of client needs. Please contact us directly to discuss training options for advanced bite training.


Behavior Modification

Our training team has decades of experience successfully helping owners with dogs that have extreme behavioral problems such as fear and dominance aggression


Family Protection Training

We offer a wide range of advanced protection training solutions to include handler defense, personal/family protection, executive protection, and more. Please contact our training staff directly to discuss training options and availability.