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Liberation K-9 Training is an all breeds training facility located in the heart of Sampson County, North Carolina. Trainers Kevin Salsbury and Robert Oliver have over four decades of combined operational training experience and have quickly become renown for their unique and fascinating approach to K-9 training. Local news outlets caught wind and appropriately dubbed the dynamic training duo "The Liberation Training Team." Pet dog owners and working dog handlers alike are blown away by the Liberation Training Method which has been described only as a truly "liberating experience." From puppy training to elite protection dog training and sales Liberation K-9 Training is revolutionizing the modern training experience.

Dog trainer with puppy

Launched in 2019 the Liberation K-9 Team is the culmination of over four combined decades of military, law enforcement, pet dog, and sport training expertise. Nestled on 15 quiet acres of rural North Carolina our training team provides our clients an elite and exceptional training experience. Our facilities include an indoor training facility, 20,000 square foot outdoor training yard, in-board training kennels, a private shooting range, and trails to accommodate tracking and other advanced training scenarios.

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1346 Wynn Rd
Clinton, NC 28328


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